Garnet - a graphical toolkit for Lisp
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Welcome the Garnet Sourceforge site!

Garnet stands for Generating an Amalgam of Real-time, Novel Editors and Toolkits. It was originally developed by the User Interface Software Group in the Human Computer Interaction Institute in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in the early to mid 1990s. It is an environment for creating interfaces to Common Lisp software.

In 1995, active support for Garnet at CMU was dropped as key people moved on and development focus shifted. The toolkit itself, however, is quite feature complete and stable. It's features include:

* Toolkit intrinsics:

- A custom object-oriented programming system which uses a prototype-instance model.

- A graphics layer that hides the differences between X/11 and Macintosh.

- Automatic constraint maintenance: so properties of objects can depend on properties of other objects, and be automatically re-evaluated when the other objects change. The constraints can be arbitrary lisp expressions.

- Built-in, high-level input event handling.

- Support for gesture recognition

- Widgets for multi-font, multi-line, mouse-driven text editing.

- Optional automatic layout of application data into lists, tables, trees, or graphs.

- Automatic generation of PostScript for printing.

- Support for large-scale applications and data visualization.

* Two complete widget sets:

- One with a Motif look and feel implemented in Lisp, and one with a custom look and feel.

* Interactive design tools for creating parts of the interface without writing code:

- Gilt interface builder for creating dialog boxes

- Lapidary interactive tool for creating new widgets and for drawing application-specific objects.

- C32 spreadsheet system for specifying complex constraints.

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